Are you ready for some fun???

Your Laura Heine Collage Retreat is just about here!!  I am super excited to meet everyone.  I thought I would take a few minutes to give you a list of suggested supplies – these are the supplies that Laura Heine uses for her technique.  There are other brands of the items, but the ones I use in my teaching classes and retreats are the ones she recommends.  If you have your pattern available ahead of time you can look on the back of the pattern at the supply list she has for that exact one.  This is a no sew project (unless you decide to sew your background together ahead of time).  Feel free to e-mail, text or call me with any questions you may have. 



Please check with your class description for pattern selection.  If this is a Teeny Tiny class pattens must be kept to 16” x 20”.  Below is a list of suggested patterns for this retreat.  I do not recommend any pattern over 30” x 30” for your first project. I have found the Teeny Tiny size (16’ x 20” are perfect for a first project.  Please check with me first for projects over 45” x 45”.  Here is a list of suggested first project patterns:

Black Cat Flaur Peppermint
Cloth Sloth Frieda Pheasant
Collage Glam Clam Hen Rietta Pink Pump
Confetti Hip Hop Poki
Cora Honey Bee Purrfect
Doodle Doo Making Fish Teeny Tiny #1
Ebba Mini Havanna Teeny Tiny #2
Emerson Mini Pincushion Teeny Tiny #3
Featherweight Nick Paisley Teeny Tiny #


*** Please respect copyright laws.  It is illegal to copy, reduce, enlarge or reproduce her patterns. Each person is required to have their own pattern – sharing is prohibited. I am not allowed to teach someone if they have done so.
I will have any supplies needed for sale, as well as all of her patterns and many of her kits.  I will also have lots of fabric squares available for purchase at $1.50 each.  Of course trading with other students is also an option.
See you shortly.  I know you will have a wonderful time and will get hooked on collaging. Remember, you will not need a sewing machine.  Feel free to contact me directly with any questions

Brian & Brigitte Okamoto