2019-2020 Quilt Challenge Birthstone/Flower

Use color of the birth month flower and stone.  Feature the flower somehow.

Month Stone Flower/Color
January Garnet Carnation
February Amethyst Iris/Violet
March Aquamarine/Bloodstone Daffodil
April Diamond Daisy/Sweet pea
May Emerald Lily of the Valley
June Alexandrite/Pearl Rose
July Ruby Larkspur/Waterlily
August Peridot Gladioli
September Sapphire Aster
October Tourmaline/Opal Marigold
November Topaz/Citrine Mum
December Tanzanite/Zircon


 Quilted project can be any size and will be displayed at May 2020 meeting.      

This challenge is OPTIONAL!!