Tree Quilt Blocks for Australia

Adapted from conversations from Barb Kilmer with contributions from Miriam Haley intended for those who were not at the Jan meeting and for those who do not receive email and with further clarification.  Barb Kilmer will be collecting “tree square blocks” at our February guild meeting.  This is to show our support for those deeply affected by the wildfires in Australia.  The guild in Australia has decided to make tree blocks, “The tree is a symbol of growth and nourishment.  A tree symbolizes the generations of a family; a tree sprouts from a seed, the roots provide strength and stability, and whilst the new sapling is young and vulnerable, they are protected by the other trees until they grow and flourish.  In time the branches spread and then create new fruit that gives life to the next generation.” “There is no restriction to one type of tree block.  We would love our quilts to be beautiful and diverse just like our wonderful communities.  If you would like to help, please make a tree block of a generous 12.5 inch square using a low volume / white or pale grey background.  We are going to distribute the quilts made to the families who have lost everything.”

If you want to do a block, and will be unable to attend the Feb guild meeting, please be sure to get your block to her before the February 20, as she will send them all out together to Australia on Friday, February 21 (The guild in Australia wants them by the end of February)  There will only be ONE shipment to Australia as shipping is expensive.    We can show our blocks at that meeting.  
For those who wish to do so, putting your name or initials on the block somewhere and/or Butte, MT does not appear to be an issue.  Plus, doing this will be really fun for the Aussie’s to receive because our trees are so different adds Miriam Haley.  In addition, she suggests we add USA.

Donna Jackson who found a pretty easy block to make that has 3 flying geese would make the block the generous 12.5 inches requested suggested finding it by searching for Tree block for Australia using flying geese (see below).