Current Officers




Lead Chair - Julie Crowley

Support Chair - Barb Kilmer

Shari Widhalm

Kathy Green

  • Co-Chairs - The Co-Chairs are a combination of Lead and Support Chairs
    • Both officers
      • Coordinate the publicity of Guild meetings, programs and activities
    • Lead Co-Chair
      • Conduct business meetings and facilitate the recruiting and/or appointment of committees as needed
      • Arrange for the place of the meeting
    • Support Co-Chair
      • Chair the Education Committee
      • Assist the Lead Co-Chair in these functions and fill in when the Lead Co-Chair is unavailable

  • Secretary
    • Keeps and presents the minutes of business meetings
    • Handles correspondence
    • Maintains records for the Guild

  • Treasurer
    • See that full and accurate accounts are kept of all monies received and paid out
    • Present a financial report at each business meeting and an annual report of the past year to the membership at the October meeting
    • Provide a membership roster to the general membership at the November meeting and provide regular updates to other board members and committee chairs as needed
    • Insure that any activity using Guild funds is made available to all members and that any fund raising projects and expenditures outside of the approved budget be approved at the general meeting.
    • Inform the Co-chairs and Welcoming Committee of any new members