Standing Committees and Chairs





Financial Review

Gwen Waggoner


Barb Kilmer


Julie Crowley


Rose Brock


Gayle Brooks

Quilt Camp

Marilyn Bugg

Quilt Show

Julie Crowley


Tina King


Stephanie Hennelly


Marilyn Bugg
Mining Museum Vintage Quilt Show Sonya Rosenthal
Urban Quilt Trail Julie Corbin


To be added to a committee please click on the name of the chair person above and request the name of the committee you would like to be on in the email message.  Members should limit themselves to two committees or less.


Financial Review Committee:

This committee will consist of at least three (3) members, endorsed by the Co-chairs.  The committee will perform an annual financial review of the records of the Build and Quilt Camp committees at the end of each term (fiscal year).  Results of the review shall be presented to the membership at the October business meeting.


Education Committee:

This committee is chaired by the Support Chair and serves to plan and coordinate educational activities of the Guild such as guest speakers, sponsored classes, demos, field trips, etc.  The committee shall seek to understand the greatest wants from the members and to involve members in the organization of activities as appropriate.


Communication/Newsletter Committee:

This committee will include one co-chair and will develop, prepare and distribute regular communication in a variety of formats for the members.  The communication needs to be regular enough for members to be aware of meetings, workshops and other pertinent information.  The communication formats can include mailings, email and other social media means.  The communications schedule will be monthly to inform member of club activities and more often as needed.  The newsletter, Quilters Quill, will be published at least every two months and will highlight the activities of the Guild and promote the purpose of the Guild.


Nomination Committee:

This committee publicizes the requirements for each office based on the current by laws.  The Co-chairs will recruit and/or appoint a committee in March.  During the April general meeting the Nomination Committee will, if possible, present volunteers and nominees to each of the offices of Co-chairs, Secretary and Treasurer.  Nominations from the floor will be allowed.  Voting shall be by paper ballot or by acclamation at the May Business Meeting; if by paper vote, the ballots will be prepared and tallied by the Nominating Committee.  New Officers will assume their responsibilities after being installed in September.  The time period between the May and September meetings shall be used by the outgoing and incoming boards to transition duties.  In case of a vacancy, the committee sets up a special election to fill the vacancy and recommends a nominee to be approved by the membership at the next business meeting or a specially called meeting.


Social Committee:

This committee plans and publicizes the social activities for the Guild such as the place for monthly lunches (lunches are not considered meetings), the Christmas party and the annual picnic.  This committee also organizes the refreshments for the meetings.  They are responsible for thank you gifts for the departing officers.  This committee will also serve to assimilate new members and visitors in to the Guild providing temporary name tags and a copy of the by-laws.  They will aid in actively recruiting new members.


Sunshine/Calling Committee:

This committee acts on behalf of the Guild to acknowledge significant events in member's lives (i.e. births, deaths, weddings, etc). They will also inform the membership of these events.  They will have a budget for cards, as deemed appropriate.  The Co-chair and Secretary will coordinate with the head of the Calling Committee with the information to be transmitted at least one week before any event as needed.  The head of the committee will then contact the other members of the committee to instruct them with what information to pass on and divide a calling list among them.  In lieu of calling, an email may be sent to inform members.


Quilt Camp Committee:

This committee has at least three (3) members.  A past Guild Chair or a current elected officer should be one of these members.  They will maintain a separate bank account/financial records for the quilt camp fund and the Treasurer will have check signing authority on the checking account.  Reports will be submitted to the Treasurer for inclusion in the monthly meeting report.


Quilt Show Committee:

This committee is to organize, conduct and complete obligations to host the Chateau Quilt Guild Quilt Show. The committee will include either a past Guild officer or a current officer.  The committee chair shall provide regular updates to the Lead Chair.  The Quilt Show is to raise monies for the Education of the Members.  The Quilt Show is for the Guild members to show their works, preferably those not displayed previously at the show.  Only paid members can display their work.  As such, a Quilt show will be scheduled in odd years, the date to be finalized by the Quilt Show Committee.


Historical Committee:

This committee will consist of at least one person who will document the Guild projects, workshops, social activities, etc.  This committee will take/collect photographs, printed material and other articles resulting in an annual album of all the activities.  The album will be available for general use.


Philanthropic Committee:

This committee identifies and coordinates philanthropic activities that may include making and donation of finished quilts or other items for community organizations.  The committee shall try to coordinate a minimum of one philanthropic project a year.


Other Committees/Special Interest Groups:

Other committees and special interest groups may be established on an as needed basis for activities during the year such as for:  By-law review, friendship blocks, round robins, block exchange, art groups, special projects, and so forth.